46th meeting  (from left to right): Dr. Gregorio Medina, vice-chairman of ASISA-Lavinia; Dr. Enrique de Porres, CEO of ASISA; Indalecio Sánchez-Montesinos, Government delegate from the Andalusian Government in Granada; Dr. Francisco Ivorra, chairman of ASISA-Lavinia; Dr. Antonia Solvas, secretary of the Governing Council of Lavinia-ASISA and Dr. Francisco Anguita, during the opening ceremony of the 46th general meeting of Lavinia S.Coop.

The ASISA Group continues to grow

Lavinia, the sole shareholder in ASISA, held its 46th Meeting in Granada, where it announced an 8.8% increase in its invoicing for 2021.

Lavinia Sociedad Cooperativa, the sole shareholder in ASISA held its 46th Ordinary General Meeting in Granada, where the company’s evolution and results were analysed and the main points of its strategy for the next years were reaffirmed. The meeting, held with the slogan “Ganas de crecer” (a desire to grow), reviewed the main areas of activity of the ASISA Group over the last year, which continued to be marked by the impact of the pandemic that significantly affected the healthcare and insurance sectors in which the company operates.

In spite of the impact of the pandemic, the ASISA Group closed the year 2021 with a consolidated invoicing of 1,567.9 million euros – 8.8% more than in 2020. “In 2021, we have achieved some reasonable results that have allowed us to speed up strategic investments for our Group and to continue developing our strategic plan, which has growth as its essential goal,” Doctor Francisco Ivorra, chairman of the ASISA Group emphasised. To move forward towards this goal of sustained growth, the ASISA Group will continue developing its strategic plan, supported by five important pillars: advancing in the development of its multi-branch insurance offer; strengthening its own care network; increasing its international presence; speeding up its digital transformation process and consolidating its commitment to sustainability.

Development of the network

The recorded growth has allowed the ASISA Group to continue developing the second pillar of its strategy: strengthening its own care network, led by the HLA Hospital Group.

In 2021, the care companies belonging to the ASISA Group invoiced 534.8 million euros - 15.9% more than in 2020. In this same period, the ASISA Group destined 60.5 million euros to investments, mainly to the development and modernisation of its own care network.