Assisport. Assistència Sanitària’s new installations are located at Calle Provenza, No.282, in Barcelona.
Assistència Sanitària

Assisport, Assistència Sanitària’s new medical centre

Dedicated to sports medicine it provides exclusive, free services to its insured clients who exercise or who want to start exercising.

Assisport, Assistència Sanitària’s new sports medical centre has opened its doors to a space covering 1,400 m2 in the heart of Barcelona. It is a project that has been created steeped in the spirit of promoting people’s physical capacities when practicing sport in a correct and safe way, where prevention plays an essential role.

The centre provides its services exclusively, free of charge to Assistència Sanitària’s clients who are covered by Complete Services, who exercise regularly or who wish to start exercising. Assisport relies on prestigious professionals and has joined forces with the medical services of the FC Barcelona.

As it is an individualised, innovative service, Assisport will be opened in phases that guarantee Assistència Sanitària’s high quality standards. For this reason, in this first stage, it starts off with a pilot scheme that will be gradually extended.

The promotion of healthy habits and the advantages of sport are an effective way of conceiving 21st century medicine, which is the reason behind the importance of this commitment to the future. Additionally, in Assisport’s installations, which are modern and very central in the heart of the city of Barcelona, Assistència Sanitària’s Trauma Continuous Care Centre also provides its service.