Assistència Sanitària wants to guarantee the best training for doctors, nurses and other people who look after citizens’ health.
Assistència Sanitària

Assistència Sanitària has awarded 35 scholarships and a ‘prosalud’ prize

This aid is aimed at the continuous improvement of professionals and the Ramon de Teserach 2022 award goes to a cancer project in Uganda.

For the fourteenth year running, Assistència Sanitària and its scholarship programme for healthcare professionals has renewed its commitment to training in the health field. Over the 2021-22 academic year it received 278 applications which, after the selection process, have been converted into aid for a value of 29,985 euros given to 35 master or postgraduate students in the health field.

As Dr. Ignacio Orce, the chairman of Assistència Sanitària emphasised during the diploma ceremony, “the initiative arose from the wish to promote the up-dating of knowledge of healthcare workers as a contribution to an improvement in the health system, but also as a special acknowledgement to the profession, an essential task for good medical care that is often not appreciated socially. From all the points of view, the result of these fourteen editions is positive: 3,758 applications have been received; 434 scholarships have been awarded and around 410,000 euros handed out.”

Additionally, aimed at acknowledging the civic action for health promotion, the supportive project presented by the Idiwaka Assosciation (NGO Fundacion Africa Directo) received from Dr. Josep M. Llobet, secretary of the board of Assistència Sanitària the Ramon de Teserach 2022 prize, created by the Medical Sciences Academic of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands in 1989, aimed at acknowledging the activity which, in favour of health promotion, has been developed by a non-profit making civic body.