Líderes como la aseguradora de salud con mayor vinculación emocional
Assistència Sanitària

Leaders as the health insurer with greatest emotional bonds

ASC has the highest valuation because it manages to transmit feelings such as calmness, gratitude, joy and pride amongst its clients.

Assistència Sanitària heads the ranking of the 15 main health organisations in terms of emotional bonds, according to the Study on Emotions in the Health Insurance Sector, prepared by the independent consultant EMO Insights International. With over 3,000 interviews, the results place Assistència Sanitària in a prominent first place and a majority percentage of its clients state they are fans, the first section on the scale of attitudes and behaviour towards the brand.

The results allow information of interest to be obtained for the people who choose a health insurance policy, but it also helps organisations to detect their strengths and weaknesses.

The goal was to find out if it is possible to have feelings towards a health insurance company and, if so, what these are and what they depend on. According to the methodology used, the most regular emotions detected in the private health area and specifically, in Assistència Sanitària are calmness, gratitude, joy and pride.

The method used combines neuroscientific measuring techniques, clinical psychology and state-of-the-art statistic modelling. The 2020 report emphasises ASC’s capacity to adapt to the client’s needs and the digital environment.