Francisco Marti, Medical Director of HLA Inmaculada

The HLA Group improves its quality and reputation in the healthcare field

The commitment made by the ASISA Group to develop its own healthcare network puts the Hospital HLA Universitario Moncloa amongst the best in Spain

In recent years, the ASISA Group has been committed to the development and consolidation of its own healthcare network, led by the HLA Hospital Group, as a hub point of its healthcare model that allows it to guarantee maximum quality when looking after its insurance holders and patients, maximising the efficiency of its management and at the same time, differentiating itself from its competitors. And all this effort has paid off, since several of its hospitals and medical centres have received different quality accreditations and have improved their classification on the reference rankings in the healthcare field. Amongst them, for the first time, the Hospital HLA Universitario Moncloa has been ranked amongst the top Spanish private hospitals with the best reputation, according to data from the sixth edition of the Healthcare Reputation Monitor (MRS) prepared by the consultancy company, Merco.

Alongside Merco’s recognition, the Hospital Universitario HLA Moncloa has renewed its EFQM500+ of Excellence (European Foundation for Quality Management) stamp and it received the “Top-20 2019” award in the Nerve Clinic Area.•

Carlos Zarco, Medical Director of HLA Moncloa; Benito García-Legaz, Director of HLA; María Desamparados Marco Lattu, Medical Director of HLA San Carlos
Yolanda Paules, Quality Manager of HLA Perpetuo Socorro
Francisco Marti, Medical Director of HLA Inmaculada