Health in your hands

Most of our daily situations involve the use of mobile technology and its applications. Communicating, exercising, meditating, shopping, moving around, carrying out administrative or banking procedures… and now these include more and more activities related to the health sector. There are many applications that are changing habits and revolutionising the medical paradigm for many patients and professionals, turning the so-called ‘mHeath’ revolution into a reality that has come to stay. Here at ‘Compartir’, we offer you a selection of the most popular applications for keeping fit and improving your control over your health.  

Asana Rebel

Yoga and fitness for getting into shape 

An app to stretch and activate both your body and mind. It combines up to 100 yoga and fitness exercises for getting into shape, for whatever aim you have: gaining strength or resistance, losing weight, getting into shape or learning to meditate. Asana Rebel also offers users relaxing sounds and meditation sessions to do at any time of the day.


Meditation and sleep

This app is aimed at finding the perfect state of calmness. It is the most downloaded app amongst users seeking mindfulness, meditation and sleep to overcome stress, anxiety, insomnia and sadness. Audio sessions and relaxing melodies to sooth you, relaxing you, making you sleep better and becoming calmer.  


Product analysis 

Yuka is an app that scans food and cosmetic product labels, analysing their composition and evaluating their effects on your health. The analysis takes the nutritional quality, the presence of additives and the ecological nature of each product into account. When scanning, it analyses each ingredient and offers the detailed result on a table of colours.  

30 days in shape challenge

Training at home 

Amongst the important exercise applications on offer, ‘Reto Deportivo 30’ (Sport Challenge 30) stands out due to its 30 day training at home proposal. Users choose a plan according to their needs and state of fitness and from this moment they face up to the challenge of suitable exercises that increase in intensity to improve physical fitness. Each challenge has an explanatory video to ensure the exercises are carried out correctly.   


Controlling diabetes 

This application allows patients to carry out a complete control of their diabetes. It can link up to glucometers and continuous glucose monitors. SocialDiabetes adds the recording of insulin, carbohydrates and physical activity to offer precise data, reports, detailed graphs and even insulin recommendations adapted to the user’s parameters.  

Sleep Cycle

Wake up fit to go 

Sleep Cycle is a smart alarm clock that monitors users’ sleeping and waking patterns, with specific sounds during the light sleep phase. The aim is to wake up at an optimum moment to feel completely rested and full of energy.  


Stop smoking 

Inspired by cognitive and behavioural therapy, Kwit helps to fight the side effects of stopping smoking. The app uses games and strategies to face up to the anxiety. Kwit offers inspiring and motivating messages in search of the goal, while also showing the daily advance counting the cigarettes not smoked and the money saved. 


A gluten-free world 

The Spanish Federation of Celiac Associations developed this food safety tool for celiacs or those who have to eat a gluten-free diet. It has over 15,000 products indexed, in addition to restaurants, hotels and points of sale with suitable products to help patients identify products and feel safe. 


Heart rate

This medically approved application allows the user’s heart rate to be easily controlled. The finger is placed on the mobile phone’s camera for 60 seconds and FibriCheck offers a detailed report of the measurement. Recommendations indicate that it should be used twice a day to help detect disorders in the heart rate, such as arrhythmia and to prevent any possible complications. 


Eat healthily and easily

Nooddle is an app that helps to improvise healthily with the ingredients that we have to hand. The aim, in addition to not wasting food, is to offer a simple, healthy solution with the foods that you have in your cupboards. Nooddle proposes menus of 20 minutes or less and offers recipes by type of dish or personalised according to preferences.