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What should you include in your travel first aid kit?

You need to prepare a small kit containing medicines and tools to cope with any situations that could ruin your getaway.

Basic medicines to treat normal ailments (analgesics and anti-inflammatory pills), first aid articles (sticking plasters, bandages or sterile dressings) and special health products, such as anti-histamines, if you suffer from any kind of allergy, are some of the products that you should not forget. Preparation of the first aid kit is particularly important if you are travelling to developing countries, or where local availability of some medicines is not guaranteed. Additionally, some medical products require a certificate stating that the traveller needs them for a specific circumstance. Any queries or contingencies may be consulted at Assistència Sanitària’s Clinic for Comprehensive Care for Travellers (Clínica de Atención Integral al Viajero).