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The Fundación Espriu, the second network worldwide of healthcare cooperatives

The World Cooperative Monitor 2019 report gives a positive assessment to the invoicing volume of the organisations that make up the Fundación Espriu

The work of the Fundación Espriu and the organisations that form it continue to receive eulogies and acknowledgements. The latest of these comes from the World Cooperative Monitor 2019 Report, the only one that includes annual quantitative data about cooperative companies on an international scale, which considered that the organisations that form the Fundación Espriu make up the second network of healthcare cooperatives in the world according to invoicing volume.

The document, prepared by the European Institute of Research into Cooperatives and Social Companies (Euricse) and the International Cooperative Alliance, analyses the performance of the 300 largest cooperative organisations in the world and makes a sectorial classification based on the financial data from 2017, a classification where the Fundación Espriu holds second place behind the American company, Health Partners. In this ranking, which orders all the cooperatives without differentiating them by their sector of activity, the Fundación Espriu has risen a place compared to last year, reaching position 192 on the list.

The Monitor also includes a classification taking into account the relationship between each company’s business volume and the GDP per capita of its country of reference. This data allows the economic contribution and the positive impact that it generates in its country to be valued, at the same time as helping to value the size of the company in its national context.

The report is completed with an analysis of the contribution of the largest cooperative companies to inclusive and sustainable economic growth, to productive employment and to decent work, components of the Sustainable Development Goal 8 on the United Nations 2030 Agenda.



The World Cooperative Monitor 2019 report