The ASISA Clinic  está ubicadada en is located on the Avenida Duque d’Avila 185 A 1050-082 in Lisbon, very close to Praça Saldanha.

The ASISA Group continues its expansion and is opening its first clinic in Portugal

The new ASISA Clinic in Lisbon will house the activity of ASISA Dental and over the year 2021, it will extend its services to new specialities.

The ASISA Group has opened its first company-owned clinic in Lisbon, Portugal. This opening is framed within ASISA’s growth and expansion plans in Portugal, where the company is present on the Life and Non-life Insurance market.

This new ASISA Clinic, located on the Avenida Duque d’Avila 185 A 1050-082 Lisbon (very close to Praça Saldanha), will initially open its installations to the ASISA Dental activity and over 2021, it will add new medical specialities (general medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology or dermatology) as well as the cosmetic and nutrition services that ASISA Care offers.

An advanced clinic

ASISA Dental will have 7 surgeries, equipped with the latest technology to carry out the most advanced oral diagnosis and treatment techniques, including preventive treatments, surgery and implants, orthodontics and invisible orthodontics, in addition to emergency work and oral cosmetic work (whitening, veneers, etc.)  To do this, the clinic will follow the quality standards held by the rest of the ASISA Dental care network, which holds the ISO 9001 Quality certificate. 

Likewise, the clinic will have the strictest protocols to guarantee the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals against COVID-19.