Marta Sans

ASSET recognises and adds SCIAS to its team

The economic and financial director of SCIAS Hospital de Barcelona, Marta Sans, has joined the governing board of ASSET, the Spanish Association of Corporate Financiers, an organisation that develops activities in the field of training, analysis and study and networking to enable managers to exchange their experiences and constantly update their professional skills.

As a cooperative and social economy organisation, SCIAS Hospital de Barcelona has certain qualities that make it unique, and it is partly for this reason that its teams stand out for their level of knowledge in their different areas of expertise.

In this specific case, Marta Sans has an extensive career in financial positions and, in addition to her responsibilities at SCIAS Hospital de Barcelona, she is also the economic manager of Gravida. She chairs the economic-fiscal committee of ACES, she participates in the fiscal committee of PIMEC and she is a member of the working capital committee of ASSET.