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Miénteme... si te atreves 

Penguin Random House

Are lies necessary? How can we discover if someone is telling us the whole truth? Do face masks make it difficult to catch a liar? These are some of the questions that José Luis Martín Ovejero, an expert in non-verbal communication explores in this book. A guide for deciphering the secrets of interpersonal communication.




Queen's Gambit


With just seven episodes, Queen’s Gambit has become one of the latest success stories. In the middle of the Cold War, a young orphan with an incredible gift for playing chess fights against her addictions while she tries to become the best player in the world.




Too Good To Go

iOS and Android

In 2015 a mobile phone application was created to start a movement against food waste. It was called Too Good to Go, a free mobile phone app where excess food from restaurants and establishments is put on sale. Users can reduce underselling by acquiring surprise packs (at very reasonable prices) in the establishments that use the initiative.