What does the young generations collect as a hobby?

What does the young generations collect as a hobby?

They say that every fad will eventually return, and collectibles are back with a vengeance among the younger generations. Do you know any of the new trending figurines?

BY María Pérez | 13 May 2024

From nostalgic toys to Japanese figurines that have taken the world by storm, to new, more current and cheeky characters, the collectibles are becoming a trend again among the younger crowd.


Sonny Angels vs. Ternurines 

Young generations are divided into two camps, those who are on team Sonny Angels and those who are on team Ternurines. There are even quizzes on the internet to find out which team you’re on. These figurines, both originally from Japan, have disrupted the world of collectibles by doing what no one thought would be possible: getting a generation of digital natives interested in vintage style toys.

The Sylvanian Families (or Ternurines) is a brand of dolls founded in 1985 that base their values on love, family and nature, but, although it may be surprising, they are now more fashionable than ever. These are toys with a classic look that attempt to recover a bit of the magic that was lost with the arrival of the digital era. A whole universe has been created around these cuddly dolls, also referred to as Ternurines, and they even have resources for tutors to create stories and explore different forms of play. 

The Sonny Angels, on the other hand, are mini-figurines of Sonny, a child angel dressed up in a variety of outfits, from animals to vegetables. This cute collectible that was imported from Japan has become a favourite of Generation Z and is now a luxury item; some of the rarest items are completely sold out in some countries. They have also become the star decoration on shelves, bedside tables or display cabinets.

Other nostalgic collectibles

  • Pokémon. This famous series has never really gone out of fashion, but in recent years it is seeing a major revival. This is also true of its related collectibles. The Coonuts, adorable egg-shaped Pokémons, are the latest rage in Japan, and it's only a matter of time before they reach our shores.
  • Polly Pocket. These famous dolls are all the rage again, and, after the success of the movie Barbie, they will be the next stars of the silver screen in the film to be directed by Lena Durham starring Lily Collins. This brand has kept its original vintage look and, in 2023, brought out a Friends-inspired set that drove fans bonkers.

Newer collectibles 

  • Funko Pops. These are large figurines designed following the Japanese chibi concept. This is a style of drawing that exaggerates features, with small bodies and very large heads. Funko Pops represent famous characters from real life and fiction. They are the perfect collectible for saga fans and are just right for decorating at home.
  • SuperZings. There are festivals in their honour and will soon have their own series on the Spanish public television children’s channel. This is expected to boost sales of the collectibles. These cute toys are everyday objects transformed into heroes and villains and there are plenty to collect.
  • Paw Patrol. The series with one of the highest ratings has also become a bestseller in the field of collectibles. Now, with the arrival of summer, they will be introducing a special Rubble set that is beach-friendly, which is sure to be a hit with the little ones.


Ultimately, collectibles have never gone out of fashion and their appeal cuts across generations and eras - and there's nothing better than the feeling of getting that last figurine you needed to finish your collection!


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