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La era de la Humanidad

La era de la humanidad / The era of mankind

Deusto Collection

How should we prepare ourselves for the imminent expansion of artificial intelligence and robotics? How will the digital revolution that we are experiencing affect us in the future? With a long term view, avoiding catastrophism, Marc Vidal opts for a future where human beings will be able to take advantage of these transformations in order to live better.



Messiah (Season 1)


A CIA agent is investigating a charismatic individual who suddenly starts to preach in the desert, inspiring a spiritual movement at the same times as he is destabilising politics. A thriller based on a fictitious story, which slides between religion and suspense.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy

iOS and Android

What would you like to learn? With this free application you will be able to see over 4,300 video lessons on subjects that include mathematics, sciences, economics and humanities, amongst many others. Information, theory and exercises to learn new things easily.