HLA Group attends more than three million queries in 2023

HLA Group attends more than three million queries in 2023

Last year, the HLA Group attended 600,000 emergencies and performed more than 155,000 surgical interventions.

The HLA Hospital Group attended more than 3.1 million visits in 2023, 22% more than in 2022. The group’s expansion strategy, with the opening of new centers and units, its commitment to technological innovation and the incorporation of new professionals have allowed its healthcare indicators to grow in the last financial year.  

During 2023, the group attended nearly 600,000 emergencies, almost 220,000 hospital admissions and more than 3,000 families chose HLA to give birth to their babies. It also performed more than 155,000 surgical procedures, almost 950,000 diagnostic imaging tests and 19.7 million laboratory tests.


New openings by HLA Group

In 2023, the HLA Group continued to reinforce its commitment to growth with the opening of its first clinic in Barcelona, HLA Clínica Internacional Barcelona, investing 24.8 million euros. The HLA Group also opened a new medical-surgical center in Seville, HLA Ramón y Cajal, in which it has invested 24 million euros and which has thirty multi-specialty clinics and four latest-generation operating rooms.  

The openings in Catalonia and Andalusia, two priority regions in the HLA Group’s growth strategy, are joined by the new HLA Vistahermosa Elche medical center. The HLA Group has a total of 18 hospitals and 38 medical centers throughout the country and is also planning to open a new medical center in Alicante in 2024, where it will offer more than ten specialties and the latest technological and treatment advances. It has also just opened its first medical center in Extremadura.

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